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If you want to know how to make money from home that’s is passive and long term, then you will love these lessons on making money from home.

In this lesson I will talk about the basics of making money online as an Internet marketer. The focus will be on using blogs and Google Adsense.

I will show you how to create dozens of blogs that are low maintenance and make $3-$15 dollars a day everyday no matter if you touch them or not. Once you know how to do this you can quickly scale up a blog to make even more money with very little work and even less maintenance.

Imagine having 20, 50, or 75 blogs that take very little maintenance that are bringing in an average of $3-$15 dollars a day that can easily be scaled to bring in even more. This is passive cash that doesn’t require customer service, handling advertisers, creating products, or any pain staking work.

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How To Make Money Using Crowdtap

Here is the plan in a nut shell and then I will break it down as we go on: You do some keyword research, create a blog based off of a keyword you’ve found, add some related content, put Adsense on it, you promote the blog, and do some maintenance every now and again.

That is the jist of it.

How Do You Make Money with Crowdtap?

Adsense is a program created by Google, that allows you to put a line of code on your site so that Google can display ads on your pages based on the topic of your site, and you get paid every time someone clicks on your ad.

What do you need to get started? You need to get a hosting account, you need to do some keyword research, then buy your domain name so that you can create a wordpress blog on it (super simple). Then you need to go and sign up for an Adsense account once you have some content on your blog.

You can get hosting and Hostgator that will host all of your domain names under one account for $7.97 a month. You can get your first domain name from Godaddy for like 9 bucks.

How Should You Work Crowdtap?

First your domain name should be an exact match to the keyword that you are targeting. The keyword that you are targeting should be at least 4+ words long.

The market that you should target should be a market that is either looking a solution to a problem or on the verge of buying.


These types of visitors click ads because they are searching for a answer or something specific.

You should have 5 post on the blog to start and you should link to each and everyone of those post from the home page of the blog.

Every post should target one keyword phrase that is related as closely related to the main keyword of the blog as possible. This blog is a perfect example. The keyword for this blog is “how to make money from home”. I have 4 other main post on here that are titled “how to make money from home – lesson 1 through lesson 4″.

Everyone on those post should link back to the homepage with the hyperlink that says exactly what you want to rank for like I did at the top of this post.

If your blog is about “how to get rid of pimples”, then you want your link to say that when it links to your homepage.

Where should you put the Adsense?

Your main block of Adsense should go right at the top of your page. It should be the 336×280 size. You blog should have 2 columns also. You can test putting the sidebar on the left or on the right to see which set up gets the highest click through rate.

How Do You Get Traffic To Your Blog?

You get traffic by articles and getting ranked in the search engines. This way all of your traffic is passive, automated, and free so that you make more money per click than if you tried to pay for traffic.

How do you get free search engine traffic?

By making your blog popular in the eyes of the 3 major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing (MSN).

To become popular you have to get links to your site. Each link is like a vote for your site. The more votes the higher you will rank.

You need quality, quantity, and one way links. And the links should be hyperlinked for the terms that you want to rank for.

Getting links for making money from home for a blog about cellulite will not help you. You have to get links from related sites, on pages with related content, that say have the text for terms that you want to rank for.

Many times it only takes a handful of good links to rank #1 for your main phrases.

The fastest way to get one way targeted links is through articles. You write articles and post them on sites that Google, Yahoo, and Bing like and have them link back to you.

This is a lot to take in I know. Read it again if you need to and take your time. Let it sink in and then go on to the next lesson.

Thanks for reading this lesson on how to make money from home.

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