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The cool part about making money with Google Ads is that it is totally passive.

As with any program, there are the ups and downs.
There are the hard parts and the easy stuff.

How To Make Money With Google Ads

First let me answer this question: “What are Google Ads?”.

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Google Ads are ads that you can have show up on your site and when ever someone clicks on an ad you get paid a percentage of the click. The Ads come from Google’s Adsense program.

Too see an example of this go to Do a search. The left side of the page is their content and the right side of the page is ads they get paid for when someone clicks on them.

Through their Adsense program they make it quickly and easily available to you to add these type of ads on your site.

How much you make per click depends on how an advertiser is willing to pay to advertise there minus Google’s cut. Let’s say an advertiser is willing to pay $.35 cents every time someone clicks on an ad on your site.

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Google gets a cut of that $.35 and you get the larger piece of that pie… around 75%-80% or so. So, for every click in this case you’d make about $.27.

The type advertiser that shows up on your site depends on the keywords that you’ve targeted. It depends on what ads would be relevant for your site.

9 Quick Steps To Making Money With Google Ads For Free

1. Find a niche that can deliver at least 500 visitors a day that you understand, like, and have interest in.

2. Create a free blog at blogger. Use Minima as your theme. Put your main keyword in your url, your title, and in the description.

3. Write 3 articles at least 250 words in length based around your #1 keyword from your niche research in step #1.

4. Rewrite 2 of those articles and submit one to and one to (Must create accounts at both first… it’s free). In the author’s resource box at the bottom of the article link to your blogger blog with the keyword you want to rank for in the search engines. The same keyword from step #3 above. If your blog is about “how to set your goals and achieve them” then you would want to link say that when it links to your blogger blog.

**how to create a link: <a href=””>What you want the link to say here</a>

5. Go to Google and see if your blog is indexed yet. Just do a search for you blogs URL and if it shows up your fine. Until then post 2-3 times per week and rewrite a couple of the articles and submit to article directories… 6 or 7 out of every 10 articles you write should be submitted to Ezinearticles. They are just better.

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6. Once indexed (which could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a week or so, Go to Google and sign up for their Adsense program… you can also do this through inside of your blogger account.

7. Once approved create a 336×280 Google Ad that has the same color background as your blog (should be white), and the same color links and text. Should be blue for now… Go into the blog layout and click “add a gadget”. Select Adsense widget. Once created, drag and slide that widget above where your post show.

8. Now your goal is to post 1-2 times per week and to get anchor links pointing to your site until you rank #1-#3 for you main keyword. Caution: You have to mix up your links that point to your site, they can’t all say the same thing.

The more targeted links you get coming in that have your keywords in them the higher you will rank for those keywords in the search engines.

The higher you rank the more free traffic you will get and the more people you will have clicking on your ads.

9. Repeat step #8. Post and get links. Get links. Get links. Get links. Get links. Post and get links. Monitor your rankings. I use SEO Elite to do this. It cost money to buy, but you can do it for free here: SEO Book Tools… (look for the rank checker tool)

WARNING!!! Never ever click on your own ads. Never ever tell someone to click on your ads (either on the site or through email or whatever). You will lose your account.

The Limiting Factor to making money with Google Adsense program is Traffic. You need to get ranked high in the search engines for your major keywords so that you can have a lot of free traffic coming to your site. The less competitive your keywords the easier and faster you will rank.

Also you won’t have to worry about having super high per click earning keywords because you’ll be getting all of your traffic free. So, it’s all profit to you.

Hope you enjoyed this how to make money with Google Ads post.

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