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If you get 100 people to your blog today and no one clicks on your ads you will not make any money. So, the goal is to not only free, automated, targeted traffic to your blog, but also to get them to click on your ads… it’s what I call a conversion.

I have found that on average I get about 7-10% click through rates. Occasionally I have days of 20% or more, but that is the exception and not the norm for me.

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That means that for every 100 people I get to the blog I see on average 7-10 people clicking on one of my Adsense ads. I hear of people often getting on average 30-40%. I haven’t been able to sustain this on average yet. Maybe my blogs are too pretty. lol

If you goal is to have low maintenance adsense income, then your goal is to get people to click on your ads according to the rules laid out by Google’s terms of service. Meaning you can’t tell them to click on your ads and you have to have at least one link on the page that points to another page.

So, one trick of doing that is letting your blog be plain and ugly. The uglier and plainer it is the more people that will arrive to your blog and want to click away because it’s just human nature to assume that if it’s ugly there can’t be any content worthy of reading. When they click away you get paid. If your blog is optimized right then ads will be showing for content they were looking for anyway and they can click through to a pretty site and everyone is happy.

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This is the 2nd most successful trick to getting a high click through rate. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have solid content on your blog, on the contrary you should. Not content like you wrote in school, but just down to earth talk with helpful info. It should be written in a conversational tone.

The #1 most successful trick to getting a high click through rate is putting a huge block, usually 336×280 above your main content column. It should be text only ads too. The reason for this is to be like bam right in their face with ads.

This is how you make money. To put the ads in front of them so that they can see them plain and clear and click on something they find interesting. So, many bloggers want to hide the ads somewhere because they don’t want to make the reader upset or something.

You are here to make money and they are searching for content. If they stay and read your blog more power to them, but the ones that click away make you money.

It’s up to you… do you want to make that car payment from your online efforts? Do you want to make that house payment from people clicking your your ads? Do you want to put food on the table from the money you make for allowing people to advertise on your site? Do you want low maintenance income that’s steady and reliable? Do you want to travel and enjoy some of this amazing world?

These two tips should have your CTR at at least 7%+ on average.

One last tip for getting a high click through rate… The more targeted the ads are that show up on your blog the more likely the visitors on your blog are to click on your ads and the higher your click through rate will be and the more money you will make from your Internet Marketing efforts.

What are targeted ads? These are ads that are related to what the visitor was looking for in the first place.

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How do you get the ads to be targeted? You set up your blog with keywords in the right places like your domain name, title, headings, bolded in post, first sentences, and at the end of content.

That way if your blog is about “how to make money with Google adsense”, and you have that keyword in these places that I mentioned, when people arrive at your site via the search engines looking for info about making money with Google Adsense there will be ads like that or related to that.

If you do this you won’t have to worry about having a low CTR and you will be able to make some real cash real fast. Make sure to use each on of these. It’s not an option if you want to find success.

Hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to make money from home with Adsense.

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