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TaskRabbit Review

If you watched my anti-TaskRabbit message all the way through and found yourself nodding your head and saying, “Yes,” you should probably watch these videos next.

However, if you still think TaskRabbit is all that and a chocolate milkshake… and you’re determined to figure out how to market their products on Amazon… you should definitely keep reading, as I’ve got some work left to do.

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5 reasons not to use TaskRabbit

I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but somebody’s gotta be real with you. And that person? Definitely ain’t your sponsor. So I’ll step in.

Here are my fine arguments against promoting the TaskRabbit products with

1) As an TaskRabbit Advisor, you’re already a middleman.

The best you can do is a 40% commission, and it’s usually much less than that. Right? Well, why volunteer to take home even less?

I mean, you do realize selling on Amazon isn’t free, don’t you?

By the time TaskRabbit takes the lion’s share and then Amazon comes in to take their cut, you’re left with the scraps, son.

2) There’s no good reason for anyone to buy TaskRabbit through Amazon.

TaskRabbit already offers fast, affordable shipping. And with 250,000 distributors shoving Spark down everyone’s throat already? It’s not like there’s a shortage of people or places to purchase TaskRabbit through.

3) On Amazon, you have even less control over your business.

Hard to believe that’s possible, being that, as an TaskRabbit rep, you’re already left with almost no say in how you market. (See my video above.)

But now, if you start trying to make money on Amazon, you’ve got even more rules, regulations, fine print and no-no’s to abide by.

Amazon could yank that rug out from under you at any time, which is not a good feeling. You wanna build a business you have CONTROL over.

4) Amazon is so damn good at up-selling, cross-selling, down-selling and flat-out distracting you into buying all kinds of shit you don’t need, guess what?

That’s gonna work against you, as potential buyers that find their way to your lil’ Amazon store will be directed away from the damn 24-Day Challenge and towards P90X or some bullshit like that.

Good for Tony Horton, bad for you, boo.

5) ‘Cause if you’re gonna go all in building your TaskRabbit business, you need to realize: you’re selling yourself.

Not pills. Not powder. Not skin cream. Not a compensation plan. But YOU.

MLM is the business of You, Inc. Almost every distributor out there, in any network marketing opportunity, gets this wrong. They make it all about the products, the company, the biz.

[Buzzer sound, bro.]

Also see these reviews:

You can a few bucks doing that, but you’ll never be a top earner.

If you wanna do six, even seven figures — highly unlikely, but still — you gotta sell you. Not like a prostitute does.

But like, “Hey, here’s what I uniquely bring to the table… and joining me has the following benefits over all the other TaskRabbit idiots.”

Aaand? Well, that’s gonna be tough to do via Amazon, where you’re limited to a so-many-character product description, maybe a few pics, and that’s about it.

The hell with Amazon. You need a medium that lets you share your story, your message, your individual approach to the AdvoCare lifestyle.

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